The suffragette movement was a powerful movement, beginning in the late 19th century & finishing successfully in the 1930s.  It was the time when women stood together & demanded the right to vote. They were willing to go to extraordinary lengths to achieve their goal, including hunger strikes, setting fire to post boxes & even chaining themselves to the houses of parliament.

As these acts, to polite society, were considered quite 'unladylike', women became inventive in the way that they communicated their approval & support for the movement. The mantra for the suffragette movement was 'Give Women the Vote'. Taking the lead from the secretive Masonic movement, women often displayed their solidarity subtly, by wearing jewellery containing the three colours green, white and violet, representing the first three letters of their mantra.
Suffragette jewellery came in many forms including pendants, brooches & rings. The designs ranged from the simple to very elaborate & bridged the Art Nouveau, Edwardian & early Art Deco styles. Suffragette jewellery is in great demand today by collectors & everyday women alike. By the 1930s the movement had successfully accomplished its goals, giving women the right to vote in many countries all over the world.