Klepner's Vienna Circa the 1930s

Sammy Klepner Circa 1889

The original Klepner's was founded in 1889 in Vienna by Samuel Klepner where it became a flourishing business near the world famous Prater Amusement Park. When Sam retired, his son Ignas took over management of the firm. However, with the rise of the Nazis in 1933, the Klepner family migrated to Melbourne, Australia.

The new Australian incarnation of Klepner's Jewellers opened in 1934 in the historic Victoria Hotel, where it operated for 65 years until 1999, when the business relocated to its current location at 324 Little Collins Street.

In 1950 Ignas' son Frank took over the running of the firm until 1977 when, on his retirement, the business passed to Henny & Ronnie Bauer, in partnership with Albert & Claire Cymons.

Over the past 124 years and spanning two continents, Klepner's has established itself as one of Australia's leading antique & vintage jewellers. We pride ourselves on the extensive range of services we provide and the personalized attention we strive to give to each and every one of our valued clients.