Who is behind the mask?

The most famous treasure from ancient Egypt holds many secrets and as technology and knowledge of ancient Egypt is revealed, the funeral mask of pharaoh Tut ankh amun is as intriguing as the whole of the 18th dynasty of Ancient Egypt.

What has been now observed, is that the actual face of the boy king has been soldered into a pre existing mask. The evidence for this

1)   the blue strips on the headpiece is blue glass whilst the blue eyeliner on the face is lapis lazuli. (Lapis being the most precious gem of that time).

2)   It has been discovered by using XRF technology that the gold used in the face is different from the gold on the rest of the mask.

3)   the ears lobs on the mask are pierced. In ancient Egypt men didn’t have pierced ears.

So the intriguing question that has to be asked who was the mask made for? Conjecture and populist hope is that it was made for Nefretiti after the Armana religious revolution and while she was Tutankhamun’s regent. With the discovery of new doorways in the boy kings tomb speculation is growing that because of his sudden death he may have been placed in a preexisting tomb and walled off from the other occupant. Again the conjecture and populist hope is that he is sharing his resting place with Nefretiti.

- Ronnie Bauer