A Klepner's Guide to Mizpah Jewellery

The Lord watch between me & thee when we are absent one from another.
— Genesis 31:49

Over the years, and indeed centuries, the term Mizpah has been looked upon as that will give good fortune a safe return for those that are apart. It does not refer to any monetary gains as other sayings, amulets or talismans may have, but rather safe being and safe passage.

Not surprisingly then, Mizpah jewellery found popularity during the Victorian era – an era of romance and desire. Since this was an era of great exploration and travel over vast distances, many pieces of Mizpah jewellery was made. Indeed, some superb Victorian era Mizpah jewellery can be found, most commonly in the form of rings and brooches. These rings will always have inscribed the word Mizpah, and some will often have the full meaning inscribed as well.

During World War I Mizpah jewellery found a small resurgence for some of the men who went of to war, to wish them a safe passage back.

Mizpah jewellery is one that is steeped in tradition, and for anyone who is a romantic, nostalgic or just wants a piece of antique jewellery with meaning behind it, then look no further that wearing a piece of Mizpah jewellery.