Klepner's Fine Antique Jewellery &  Valuers are proud to have one of Australia's most talented award winning jewellery designers on our team. We'll work with you to design that perfect piece, whether you'd like to recreate a piece long since gone, re-design your existing jewellery utilizing your own gemstones to create something new & exciting in the process, have us craft a perfectly custom-fit wedding band for you're engagement ring or start right from the drawing board, we will be pleased to help.We are able to use a variety of techniques to achieve your dream including hand crafting, CAD design & casting techniques allowing for an unlimited array of design options & price points depending on your individual wants & needs.We also offer a range of pre-designed bespoke & made to order Classic, Vintage & Art Deco inspired rings. Allowing you the opportunity to select exactly the combination of gemstones & diamonds you prefer in your selection of platinum, white, yellow or rose gold. This option not only takes the guess work out of the design process, it also creates an opportunity for you to bring your personal vision to reality. You can                                                                                                                      view our collection here or pop into our shop to try our samples on first hand.                                     

Please contact us to schedule your design by phone at (03) 9650-2659 or by email here or at

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